Welcome to Columbia's "30 Days of Biking" Challenge!

The Challenge: Ride your bicycle every day in April

The Fun: Team up with other Columbia cyclists to create momentum

The Procedure: First, go to 30 Days of Biking website
Next, Make your Pledge!
When making your pledge, at the end where it asks why, be sure to mention you are riding for #teampednet

The Bicycling: Ride your bike every day in April if you can

The Reporting: Every time you ride, tweet it out with hashtags #30daysofbiking and #teampednet

The Math (if you want to keep track): Two points for each day you ride your bike - simple!
One additional point if today's ride(s) displace a car trip - add #nocar tag let us know!
One bonus point for tweeting about it, that day or next! (please note date if not that day)
Ten bonus points at the end of April if you met the challenge!
   NOTE Derrick Fogle, Challenge Host here, will tabulate and report points
   for any tweets containing the #teampednet hashtag.

The Prizes: Hey, you already won, just by riding your bike!
You will be helping to promote a fun and positive image of cycling in Columbia!
The Hacky Sack Man will donate a Flying Clipper Footbag to be given away
to a team member meeting the challenge.

Make your pledge today, come here often to see how we're doing, and... spread the word!